Lowlife, a Healer Simulator for iPhone is Out!

Lowlife, a Healer Simulator for iPhone is Out!

After about 6 months in development, I am pleased to announce that Lowlife is now available for the iPhone!

App Store Link: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/lowlife/id1616987231?itsct=apps_box_badge&itscg=30200

Lowlife is a healing simulator game with no really fancy graphics to speak of. It is made entirely in SwiftUI which is Apple's newer UI framework, and it was mainly made in order to test the limits of SwiftUI in a game and also as a learning opportunity for myself.

In Lowlife, you are a healer, and your Party Members (called Scripts) do all of the attacking as you go through Dungeons (Simulations) and delete Trash-tier mobs, Elites, Minibosses, Bosses, and even Raid Bosses. You have the typical array of healing and buff spells at your disposal.

Lowlife, while utilizing RPG elements is more of a strategy game, where you manage your Mana and choose the right heals on the right Scripts at the right time. Loot from Villains includes random-rolled Scripts with different rarities, attribute bonuses, and their own skill sets.  There are 35 subclasses of Script in all, all part of the staple classes (Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, Tank, Mage, and a hybrid Shaman class).

Choosing which Scripts you bring with you into Simulations will depend on which ones you'd like to get XP and level up, and which ones have the skill sets that fit the approach you are going for.

Lowlife for iPhone is just the beginning. Work is already underway on Lowlife for PC, which will be available on Steam when it is announced and released. Early playtesting has been positive, and hopefully both of these Lowlife games will allow you to play out the healer fantasy in a way that isn't too stressful when healing live people in an MMO style game. It might even help make your healing prowess in those types of games even better.

Stay tuned for more information and thank you to all the gamers out there who love healing games!